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People in the marketing industry know how to spend money, but struggle when it comes to making a profit online.

What creatives to launch, what channels you should test, how do you actually scale a successful campaing in the early days?

That's my expertise. I combine years of marketing experience deploying campaigns online through SEO & PPC where there was real, tangible risk and often my own money on the line.

Having worked on campaigns for my own startups, large enterprises, black hat affiliate marketers and other small businesses I've built up a portfolio of strategies that have lead to profit.

To this day I am still launching aggressive PPC campaigns, scaling websites to millions of visitors, creating startegies for fast growing startups and leading marketing teams.

A lot of that energy is focused on these goals:

  1. Growing Rankingpress to $100,000 / MRR.
  2. Growing TrackYourPosition.com to 1,000 paid users.
  3. Donating over $20,000 to charity through HumbleHost.org
  4. Growing the Backpack Internet team to 20 people.
  5. Launching Jetmojo and creating a passionate lifestyle brand.

There's a lot to do to reach these goals but what better place to do it than while on the road.

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Updated: Apr 12, 2017