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33 Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2017 For SEO

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Love Affiliate Marketing?

If you've taken a peek at my "Now" page recently you would have noticed this little snippet: 

Lastly, our agency has capacity at the moment to take on more projects so we've booted up an internal team (content, editors, SEOs) to begin ranking affiliate sites using our in-house platform called Magic Hammer. We're using advanced SEO techniques and even playing with artificial intelligence to take the affiliate game to the next level. If you're an advanced affiliate, please reach out. We'd love to show you the technology and run some ideas past you.

We're currently working in the process of launching some affiliate test sites to try out our platform and would love to show some of you what we're working on. Due to the tech under the hood, we're publicly not saying too much but one on one we're more than happy to open the kimono. 

Oh, and if you want a hint on what we're working on this article might be a good start 😁

about 1 year ago

Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind 2016 🍾

And that's a wrap folks!

Earlier this month Matt Diggity and the crew over at Empire Flippers put on a private mastermind where they brought together 5+ figure earners (SEOs) from around the world to discuss each others businesses in a cooperative setting at the Anantara Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The format was wonderfully rolled out throughout the day and I met some absolutely lovely people from all walks of life. The feedback that I personally received from my group was invaluable and I've already began implementing my notes the day after I left.

This may have finally sold me on the idea of living in Thailand (and Asia) over the long term ...

Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind 2016 - Inaugural kick off

Posted by Matt Diggity on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

about 1 year ago

“You pursued something that someone said you should want, instead of what you really want”

Derek is one of my favourite writers and thinkers when it comes to business and in this appearance he really shines. If you have a spare hour in your afternoon I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and watching it.

about 1 year ago