Main Projects

Rankingpress: Performance Marketing Agency

Performance marketing agency focused on Facebook Advertising and SEO. Operated remotely across 5 continents.


Products for travellers on a quest for peak personal performance and self-betterment.

Side Projects

Simple search monitoring for competitive webmasters.

Making the world a little bit better one WordPress install at a time.

Educating about the art of SEO and offering useful tools to help.

Tinkering On

Magic Hammer

Platform for large scale affiliate SEO. Email for access.

Nomadlist Gem

Tap into Nomadlist's rich API endpoint.

AMP WordPress Theme

Free WordPress theme built to demo AMP.

Work-in-progress VR blog. Not live, but testing grounds for new SEO concepts.

(Shut down)

A bulk message tool for Aussie businesses. Now open source on Github.
(Shut down)

Elegant one-click customer surveys.