Where I Am & Where I've Been


I live and breath travel, so have baked it into everything I do. Below is a list of where I've been over the last couple of years and where I'm planning on going next. Most of my trips and dates are logged on Nomadlist.

Travel plans for 2017

This year anything goes. Starting in Asia, heading to Europe for the Summer then finishing perhaps in Africa.

Here's the rough plan...

Places I visited in 2016

This year I'm taking it slower than the last. Focusing on choosing countries in a more deliberate manner and selecting regions where I have a key outcome or adventure in mind.

Places I visited throughout 2015

This year was a crazy year of getting a taste of what it was like to work and travel remotely for 12 months. Although literally running around the world, almost visiting every continent, I wouldn't of had it any other way.

If you have feedback, questions, thoughts or suggestions for travel spots, email jesse [at] jessehanley.com.