Jesse Hanley

Hey there! I’m Jesse Hanley and this is my little spot on the web 👋

And the place where I detail my adventures travelling the world whilst running a marketing agency & tinkering with software. If you're interested in my background check out my about page to learn a little more.

On the rare occasion I like to send out a personal email filled with updates of where I am, what I'm building and some golden gems that will help you with your business. If you've ever been interested in something I've made online or written about then feel free to sign-up to get some more good stuff right in your inbox.

"Besides Jesse being a good personal friend of mine, he is excellent at SEO and digital marketing (which is how we met). I regularly refer friends and associates to him for digital marketing because I know he can handle clients with budgets of 5 figures per month and deliver them results at the standard which they expect. Highly recommended."Dirk de Bruin, Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur
"Jesse has shown me how to grow my online business and actually figure out how to make money online. Don’t let his casual approach fool you. He’s one of the most driven people I’ve ever met." Michael Ramunno, CEO of Lifters INC
"With Jesse you just know stuff will get done, he has an inner drive you seldom find in people. If he wants to achieve something, you know he's already working on something to make it happen."Kalle Moen, Growth Designer at
"I go to Jesse to learn more about the latest methods for SEO and growing my business online. There is no one more approachable or trustworthy in my network than he is."Richard Forrest, Owner of Modafy & Successful Affiliate Marketer
"Jesse helped grow our eCommerce business to where it is today. Quite literally, into a million dollar business. I can't thank him enough for that and everything he's done for the business."Brent Clarke, General Manager of Aussie Supplements
"Jesse is a digital marketing wizard who loves to stay at the forefront, putting new technologies and techniques into practice. Coupled with his quest for innovation is a desire to help others, deliberately formulating solutions to their business goals. His ability to combine emerging platforms with beautifully simple strategies makes him one those guys who just ‘gets it’."Sebastian Berry, Founder of The Collective Action Project
"Jesse simply has the kind of mind that makes you think what he does is easy. Working with him was always enjoyable and even stood to push me further in my work."Rachel Wagers, Owner of Salt & Honey

A little more about me:

Monday and Friday I spend my time helping execute marketing strategies for websites to help them get seen by the people who need them most. My passion is getting traffic & sales for good businesses that solve real problems.

My agency and my personal projects have helped me travel the world (I visited over 13+ countries in 2015) and have opened up the doors to some amazing opportunities which I couldn't have dreamed of.

When it comes to marketing there is nothing I love more than straight up search engine traffic (SEO) and content marketing to grow businesses online.

That's all I need. 100% organic traffic from Google, Bing & Yahoo (and maybe a little from social media), baby!

For people who are dedicated to creating the best goddamn content on the web, content so great that it actually helps people in real life (a.k.a 10X content) then the potential to drive traffic to your website & business is limitless.

At the end of the day search engines reward websites who reward their users and care about the content they put online.

So that's what I do.

And I LOVE it.

I’ve helped clients and previous employers increase their revenue, grow massively and build sustainable businesses with my strategies. Nothing makes me happier than seeing hard work pay off and be realised into helping people around the world.

Over 2016 I will be making an effort to document a lot of what I do over on this blog and on - a new site where I build tools for people who build things online.

I'm a partner of RankingPress, a small team which I run with my good friend Fab Mackojc. Together we build digital products, market them & travel as well work with clients from around the globe. It's been hell of a ride so far but we're loving every minute of it.

If you want to chat just reach out and say hey. You can chat to me via email, on my blog, on Twitter or on Instagram. I always reply :-)

I really look forward to getting to know you.

Jesse Hanley
- Jesse Hanley

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